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Hi, my name is Michael Lange. I am a writer and political organizer based in New York City. I have extensive experience organizing in all corners of the city, from Southeast Queens to East Elmhurst to Central Brooklyn to the Upper East Side. I love New York City, and the political orbit that encompasses it. The city has countless characters and stories I want to help bring to life. While telling these stories, I will offer analysis and predictions about where New York City, and the emerging Leftist movement inside it, is headed. My goal is to offer something that is valuable and insightful to the most seasoned political operatives, whilst still being worthwhile and enjoyable to people who might not be attuned to the everyday workings of city politics.

This journey will not be easy, but I have big goals for this project. To reach them, I will need your help.

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Michael Lange is a writer and political organizer based in New York City