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It is utterly impossible to definitively categorize New York City politics. The unique level of nuance and complexity found within each community as well as the propensity of politicians who tend to suffer ideological shifts from election cycle to election cycle are just a few factors that make this so. However, this is an incredible analysis of New York City politics, Michael. Truly impressive and I appreciate the time you took to put this together. As a veteran of the both the Bloomberg and de Blasio administration--holding leadership positions in both--this was a fascinating read.

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Michael, I want to give you this new information because I have working on the ground to identify the World Wide factions and their correspondence here in the United States. I am sharing this with you. If you can help me identify the one I am missing.

Nationalists: https://www.idgroup.eu - US: https://conservativepartyusa.org

Democrat Union: https://www.idu.org - US: https://gop.com

International Alliance of Libertarian Parties: https://ialp.com - US: https://lp.org

Centrist Democrat: https://www.idc-cdi.com - <Still Loooking>

Liberals and centrists: https://liberal-international.org - US: https://cnliberalism.org

Progressive Alliance: https://progressive-alliance.info - US: https://pdamerica.org

Social democrats and Socialists: https://socialistinternational.org - US: https://socialists.us

Greens and regionalists: https://globalgreens.org - US: https://www.gp.org

Progressive International: https://progressive.international - US: https://www.dsausa.org

Communists and Workers' parties: http://www.solidnet.org - US: https://www.cpusa.org

Socialists Alternative: https://internationalsocialist.net - US: https://www.socialistalternative.org

International People's Assembly: https://ipa-aip.org - US: https://pslweb.org

Pirates: https://pp-international.net - US: https://uspirates.org

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Socialism is the political /economic system that supports the ownership and central control of the means-of-production and investment, whether by self-appointed elites or democratically elected.

Making up one's own definition of Socialism does not make one a Socialist. Bernie and AOC are not Socialists.

Social Democracy vs. Democratic Socialism - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/r0uUG8kM0zY

Understanding... Socialism in the U.S. - https://www.studioatao.org/socialism

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Socialism - https://iep.utm.edu/socialis/


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You are invited tomorrow https://www.meetup.com/socialists/events/289338785

I would love if you could get the others factions to put a table next to mine: https://theochino.medium.com/its-called-realignment-95506c086ec2 (I have reached out to a few based on the international: https://www.repmyblock.org/web/exp/toplinks/about)

Take some time to watch this documentary: https://www.repmyblock.org/web/exp/register/movie

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