I was nodding in agreement with your analysis in this posting until I came to your assignment of blame for the Democrats' legislative losses at the state and national levels to Andrew Cuomo. Not that I'm a defender of Cuomo by any means. But he's been out of office long enough that it doesn't make sense to attribute *primary* responsibility for those losses to him.

You appear to be arguing that the Democrats in the state legislature were morally correct and politically astute in attempting to gerrymander themselves into secure districts following the 2020 census -- even though the electorate had amended the state constitution to forbid that! I would argue, in contrast, that the hubris Andrew Cuomo constantly emitted infected the state Democratic party and caused it to believe that it could get away with gerrymandering scot free.

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County organizations, aside from choosing judges, have very little power, the days of highly structured political clubs are long gone. Cymbrowitz and Abbate were vestiges of the past and Frontus her own worst enemy, and, yes, Adams is a chameleon Democrat, the Brooklyn “organization” is fractured, so-styled progressives, Black, Latinx, Asian vying for pieces of the pie and Adams hoarding his pies.

Dems need a new, vibrant state leader and progressive ascendency was short lived.

Can s/he herd cats?

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