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Thank you for your analysis of the Democratic primary in State Senate District 21.

Kevin Parker has been my state senator since the post-2000-census redistricting. I can't associate his name with any particular piece of legislation or act of political leadership. I had vague recollections of his past violent outbursts, but his opponents said little about them. Parker apparently has enormous campaign funds for mailers. When he ran for comptroller in 2021 I was receiving mail from him every day. Who are his funders?

The mailers I received from candidate David Alexis had surprisingly little to say about either Parker's character or political positions. Candidate Keagan Mays-Williams criticized Parker as "complacent" but didn't mention his history of outbursts. Mays-Williams in effect red-baited Alexis by claiming he was "beholden" to DSA. You are no doubt correct in arguing that it will take a united opposition to oust Parker; case for ranked-choice voting with instant primary runoffs?

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